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The system of fog system that we offer, consists of a pump of high pressure

Which drives the water to 60-70 bar towards the spray nozzles, which have a

0.2mm output hole. At this working pressure, the water flowing through the

The mouthpiece is broken into millions of micro droplets with a size of 10-20 microns.



The material is composed of stainless steel pipes of 12mm diameter or

High pressure plastic tube with UV treatment where the nozzles are inserted

Which are made of brass or stainless steel, Valve to prevent any loss of water.



Table of nozzles with outlet orifice and flow rate that consumes 70Kg / cm2 of




ORIFICE 60 BARS (870 PSI) 70 BARS (1160 PSI)
0.2 MM 0,071 0,075
0.3 MM 0,102 0,105










High Pressure Mist System




The working pressure of the system is 60-70 kg / cm2.

Each of the units is composed of the following elements:

– 1 High pressure pump with a flow rate between 1, 2.5, 4, 8 lt./min of pistons Ceramics (There are different sizes of machine, depending on the surface cover).

– 1 Motor coupled from 1Cv up to 2.5 Cv, 220-380v and at 1450 r.p.m.

– Double filtration of 5 and 20 microns in filters of 10 “of washable plastic

– 1 Glycerine high pressure manometer.

– 1 zero pressure control valve when the output is closed.

– 1 High pressure solenoid valve for system depressurizing.



Mist cooling




The fog system will start the water supply when indicated by the programmer

Schedule or manual gear. Fog will be supplied for the time set in the

Same time and the allocated minutes will be stopped.

The controller has the following characteristics:

– 1 Timer housing box.

– 1 programmable logic controller in the conditions required by each

Installation in terms of running time and shutdown.


The system could also be regulated by means of a controller with

Humidity and temperature, or motion sensor.

Fogging system

Humidity control

The maintenance of an adequate level of humidity is of great importance in

Any productive process allowing to improve the quality and productivity of the

product. There are many fields of application of the fog system, here are some

Of the advantages of maintaining an optimal level of humidity in each case:

Fishmongers: The humidification system consists of the application of a thin layer

Of humidity, constituted by millions of micro drops that cover the whole surface

Of the exhibitor. This system reduces the consumption of ice, as well as the time for the maintenance of the fresh product, as the system provides.

The amount of moisture required during the day, for which the equipment has a

Electronic controller, that allows to regulate the frequency and duration of the

Misting systems. Depending on the installation site, we have Purification of reverse osmosis water and cooling of water to 2 ° C. Textile Industry: Reduction of fiber breakage, removal of electricity Electrostatic, suppression of the amount of dust in the air. Timber Industry: It allows to maintain the moisture content of the wood,

Control of shrinkage, breakage, deformation, dust suppression.

Paper Industry: Improves the application of ink, improves the stability of

Dimension of the paper, control of electrostatic electricity, allows to improve the

Speed ​​of production.

Wineries: Due to fluctuations of humidity in the wineries you can reach

Lose up to 10% in volume of wine per year, which for a 225 liter barrel

Of capacity, involves losing about 20 liters of wine per barrel. With the installation

Of a fog system, the losses will be reduced drastically, maintaining a

Constant humidity in the ship between 70-80%, keeping the barrel in good


Refrigeration chambers: By maintaining a uniform humidity, we favor the

Preservation of perishable products.

Greenhouses: The control of the humidity in greenhouses supposes an increase in the Quality and productivity of plants. With our system it is possible to maintain a

Uniform and uniform humidity, in a fast and effective way, being able to favor

Rooting in seedlings, properly controlling pests and diseases, Increase the growth in vegetables, improve the appearance in cut flower …

Farms: By getting the temperature down uniformly on farms, we improved

The conditions of the animals, reducing the mortality and the stress of the birds,

Increasing the weight to get them to feed in summer, Increasing egg production and pork coverage.


outdoor cooling system




Electrical panel perfectly finished in cabinet for your protection of the

Weather proof, with general switch, thermal protection relay, wiring and  small



Initial HR Final HR 25 27 30 32 35 38 41 43 46
10% 100% 10 12 13 14 16 17 19 21 22
20% 100% 12 14 15 17 19 21 23 24 25
30% 100% 14 14 18 19 21 24 25 28 29
40% 100% 15 18 20 21 24 26 28 30  
50% 100% 17 20 21 24 26 28 31    
60% 100% 19 21 23 26 28 30      
70% 100% 20 23 25 28 30        
80% 100% 21 24 27 29          
90% 100% 22 25 28            






 Outdoor event cooling rentals



For a 35 ° air T ° and 50% RH, the T ° can be lowered to 26 °

(Decrease of the Tº in 9º)




Facilities adapted to the

Requirements of each client with the

Order to achieve maximum

Environmental cooling linked to a

Pleasant aesthetic effect, so that the installation is perfectly Integrated into the landscape.


Depending on the specific application be it an industry, restaurants, an event, etc. The design of the system will vary in terms of the distribution of misting nozzles, Density, the possible operation by sectors, in a continuous or timed way,

Activation of the system by humidity and / or temperature probes, activation by

Movement, Misting fans.


The basic fog system consists of:

– High pressure (motor-pump) drive equipment. It works at 70  bar.

– Specially designed spray nozzles of 0.15-0.20-0.30-0.40 mm. Hole in the water outlet.

– High pressure plastic tube with UV treatment or stainless steel pipe. AISI 316.



Water cooling   equipment up to 2ºC.

Water treatment (calcifies, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet …)

Misting system with aromas (pine, rose water, geranium,  lemon, …)