Type: Electric outdoor heater


The warmth that snuggles and captivates you: a warm hug that doesn’t fear the cold season.
Live the freedom, a caress, find the satisfaction in sharing.
The gentle warmth is close at hand, and there’s no better way to get outdoor and enjoy your home garden.
Make the outside of your home as beautiful as the inside: always with the comfort of the perfect temperature, with our gorgeous patio furniture.
An elegant and comfortable rattan object: Italian design matches the comfort of a useful shelf.
A new perspective to shape the pleasure of living your outdoor space, for the home garden or bars and restaurants.
Sole is a warm breath that completes Enjoy your Life outdoor furniture range.
Equipped with:

  • 3 LED lights kit (30W – 0,2A)*, 6500K (x3), lumen 1000 (x3)
    • White or natural painted wooden support base
    • Electric resistance heater 1500W
    * Equivalent to 200W old incandescent bulb